There's No Excuse Not to Look Good While Paying the Bills

Today is Monday, a relatively slow day at our shop on Frankfort Avenue; thus the perfect day to make things happen.

I spent the first part of the day sloughing through paperwork: bills, orders....then on to the good stuff. 


I cut and stitched together a pair of my "4-pocket-pants" out of a linen type material I picked up in San Fran back in November.  

Here's a photo of the completed pants and my outfit of today. 

Gotta love some pockets. Also wearing a leopard print 8 point cap I made a bit ago, with striped tee, gold jewelry, and my metallic leopard print sneakers that I love and live in. There's never an excuse not to try and look interesting every day. 

My husband is learning how to make hats, today he finished the fur on 3 hats he blocked yesterday.

You can see how shiny and beautiful the crowns of these rabbit felt hats look after being finished. 

After my son got picked up from school, he came to the shop with us, where he likes to spend his time lining up his cars on my sewing machine tables. "Choo choo," he says.