Order A Hat

1. Measure Your Head

Get a flexible/cloth measuring tape and measure your head around the widest part, should be 1/2 above your ears and in the middle of your forehead. Round off to nearest 1/8 of inch, or get the measurement in centimeters. 

2. Pick Your Style & Color

Browse our styles! Most popular are the fedoras: teardrop, center crease, or diamond. Decide on how long you want the brim: stingy = 1.5", short = 2", medium = 2.5", long = 3", extra long = 3.5+. Pick your crown height: short = 4 1/4", medium = 4 1/2", tall = 5"

3. Pick Your Material

If you are going for felt, we offer rabbit or beaver heavy weight felt on our website. Rabbit felt is better than wool, and softer, and does fair in the rain and elements. Beaver felt will hold its shape best of all, and is essentially waterproof because beavers are water animals. 

4. Order Your Hat!

Order your hat from our hats page, and when you check out in the additional notes section include your head size, the brim length you want, and the crown height you want. If you have a more specific hat in mind that isn't offered on our website, then email us and we will work with you closely to create the perfect hat for you: